Deneysel Cadı - The Experimental Witch (2009)

Kitap : Portobello Cadısı
Yazar : Paulo Coelho
Yayınevi : Can Yayınları
Basım Tarihi : 2016
Sayfa Sayısı :272
Kitap link :
Konu: Athena, yani gerçek adıyla Şirin Halil ya da diğer adıyla Aya Sofya, inandığı şeylerin peşinden giden, içinde ki boşlukları doldurmak için elinden gelen her şeyi yapan (dans etmek, çocuk doğurmak, hat sanatını öğrenmek, arazi satışı yapmak gibi) bir kadındır. Ama hep içinde bir şeylerin eksik olduğunu hissetmiştir. Bunun için hep daha ileriye gitmiştir. Edda'nın dediği gibi: Athena'nın en büyük sorunu, 21.yüzyılda yaşayan bir 22. yüzyıl kadını olması ve bu gerçeği hiç gizlememesiydi. Bir bedel ödedi mi? Kuşkusuz, ödedi. Ama coşkuyla taşan gerçek benliğini bastırsaydı, çok daha büyük bir bedel ödeyecekti. (Tanıtım Bülteninden)
Book: The Witch of Portobello
Writer : Paulo Coelho
Publisher : Harper Perennial
Publish Date : 2008
Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.7 x 8 inches
Pages: 320
Plot: As the book begins, Athena is dead. How she ended up that way creates the intrigue sustaining the book. The child, Sherine Khalil renames herself Athena after her uncle was discussing with her mother on how her real name will betray her origins and something like Athena gave nothing away. As a child, she shows a strong religious vocation and reports seeing angels and saints, which both impresses and worries her parents.

She goes into a London University to pursue Engineering at the age of 19 but it's not what her heart wanted. One day she just decides that she wanted to drop out of college, get married and have a baby. Here, the author mentions that this might be due to the fact that she was abandoned herself and wants to give all that love she could to her child which she didn't receive from her birth mother. Two years later, her marriage falls apart because they are facing too many problems due to their young age and lack of money or mostly because he felt that she loved only the child and used him to get what she wanted. A very interesting quote she uses is "From Ancient Greece on, the people who returned from battle were either dead on their shields or stronger, despite or because of their scars. It's better that way: I've lived on a battlefield since I was born, but I'm still alive and I don't need anyone to protect me." She grows into a woman in search of answers to many questions that arise within a person. She had a life which many felt was content because she had a child of her own, money, and friends; everything but her mind was at peace, so she searches for the answer to the classical question of "Who am I?" through many experiences. In her quest, she opens her heart to intoxicating powers of mother and becomes a controversial spiritual leader in London. ( witch of portobello)
Film : Deneysel Cadı - The Experimental Witch (2009)
Yönetmen-Director : Craig Archibald, Lilla Bán, Tadeh Daschi, Sylvia Fodor, Tamsin MacCarthy, Aaron J. March, Michael Mayers, Parris Reaves, Geoffrey Stewart
Senaryo-Writers : Paulo Coelho, Aaron J. March, Adriana Garza, Tamsin MacCarthy, Parris Reaves, Lynn Dougherty, Kris Pustina Haldane, Geoffrey Stewart, Sylvia Fodor, Jennifer Bollinger
Oyuncular-Stars : Aaron J. March - Heron Ryan, Amelia Beau Kaldor – Athena, Helen Sutermeister - Andrea McCain, Linda van der Steen – Athena, Carolena Sabah – Athena, Katy Beckemeyer – Athena, Joanna Kitzl – Athena,
Konu : The Experimental Witch tells the story of Athena whose adoptive parents take her home to Lebanon from Romania. Her mother, Samira soon finds that her daughter has premonitions and struggles to accept this. Samira's fears and lack of understanding of Athena's roots lead Athena to set out on a journey of self discovery and in search of her birth mother. Athena feels that once she finds her, her desire for a deeper understanding of the empty feeling she holds inside will disappear. She struggles in her relationship with Samira, her adoptive mother who can not understand Athena's desires to find her true identity and gypsy heritage. These two women take you on a journey into one of the most complex relationships life gives us; the one between a mother and daughter and their desire to be loved and accepted for who they really are.

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